Thank you for your overwhelming support in 2013! It’s been an honor to serve you!

Good things are happening

Four years ago, the economy was just beginning to recover. The recession had been long, deep and difficult for all. The city had shelved important infrastructure projects, cut costs and delayed expenditures for years out of necessity. I’ve kept my commitment to be your voice of common sense over the last four years.

Begun to address long-delayed infrastructure repair, maintenance and improvements Learn more…
Lowered property tax rates for last 3 years
✓ Returned to growth and prosperity

Opportunities are knocking!

We’re once again one of the fastest growing cities in the country. People are arriving in droves and larger businesses are knocking on our door. Planning is underway for more commerce, universities, parks, recreation, and other elements that make for a truly vibrant, thriving, and sustainable community with abundant jobs on this side of the river.

Facilitate smart growth and infrastructure Learn more…
Be a proactive, effective steward of our water and environment
Accelerate parks, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities
Encourage active participation of all, including our youth

I’ve demonstrated I’m a common sense guy who will take the time to study every issue, seek your input, ask the right questions, and listen attentively as we work together for an extraordinary future. Cast your vote on November 7 for a proven, experienced leader you know you can depend on!  Learn more…

Re-elect Rick Williams for Cape Coral City Council, District 6 on November 7


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